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11 Things That Make Me Who I am

What 11 Things Are You?

 These 11 Things Make Me Who I am.

~Lisa Christiansen

  1. I feel most alive on my bicycle.

  2. I am always grateful

  3. I know there is a reason for everything

  4. I always look for the opportunity in everything

  5. I appreciate life even when things seem overwhelming because I am learning ways to serve others through this experience.

  6. I am only here to impress God and myself through serving others.

  7. I love to buy a meal for the “lonely” in a restaurant anonymously.

  8. I love to treat the car behind me to Starbucks even though I don’t know who they are.

  9. I love to give money to the people on the street because they are God’s angels testing our inner faith and compassion.

10. I love to hug people because I can feel their true character through their touch.

11. I love to tell people “I love you” because I need to know that they feel they matter to me and because their love matters to me. There is no greater compliment than to earn the love of others with nothing required and I will be the difference I want to see in this world even if it means I stand alone.

It is said that you can’t change the world, I believe you can change the facts and when you change the facts you change points of view, if you change points of view you might change a vote and when you change a vote you might change the world…

You can’t change who you are but you can change how you think, once you change how you think you will change what you believe and when you change what you believe you change who you are and become a new you… A new year is upon us and a new you is ready to be born…


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