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Oxygen And Longevity

What is the most critical substance in healing? The answer is oxygen. It starts and ends life. Most of us are starved for oxygen. There are several reasons for this including our lack of exercise or sedentary lifestyle, our eating habits, not breathing properly, and the polluted air that most of us encounter. In addition, some medical therapies are anti-oxygenating such as those of us that are taking statins to lower cholesterol.

Oxygen does many essential functions for us. It keeps our blood clean, detoxifying your body. It acts as a potent hormone, medicine, and blood controller. It’s the master over your immune system, lungs, colon, brain, muscles, bowels, and most other basic and essential human functions. Immune cells love oxygen and cancer cells hate oxygen.

Lungpower and oxygen are keys to good health and longevity. By age have lost 40% of your lung capacity. Lung capacity and oxygen level are the best predicators of longevity. By increasing your oxygen level you will vastly improve your odds of living longer and healthier.

Most people by age 60 are extremely oxygen deficient. Shallow breathing, stress, smoking, alcohol, prescription drugs, infections, etc cause this. Low oxygen levels lead to cancer, heart disease, degenerative diseases, memory loss, and rheumatoid arthritis; among other things we don’t want. The worst thing may be premature aging or feeling old before our time.

So, how do we increase our oxygen level? The obvious answers are to change our life styles and habits by doing a better job of the actions in the first paragraph, i.e., exercising, eating better, breathing properly etc. We, all know, we should do these things, but that’s easier said than done. There are oxygen-generating machines and oxygen bars, some of which can be extremely expensive (up to $10,000). A less expensive but effective plug=in oxygen machine called Respironics Millennium 600 costs less than $500(in addition you would need a recumbent bike that one can find for less than $200). The process is a light exercise on the bike while breathing oxygen. It’s fed into your nose through a cannula (2 plastic tubes). Recommended use us 30 minutes, 3-5 days a week.

A relatively new medical procedure that is related is a process called Prolozone that was coined by Dr. Frank Shallenberger. Prolozone is a process of injecting a liquid solution into the tendons, ligament and joints. It replaces the fluid with an oxygen/ozone gas mixture. There have been some amazing results with knees, elbows, hips, and shoulders. Ankles and joints. I subscribe and recommend two great inexpensive medical newsletters, “Health Alert” (Dr. Bruce West) 831-372-2103 and “Second Opinion” (Dr. Robert Rowen) 800-262-3164.

An article in “Second Opinion”, the May 2010 letter tells the story of a mother-daughter treated by Dr. Rowen. The daughter, (30 year old) had a frozen shoulder. Her problem was a hidden infection in her jar, the dentist cleaned it out and 905 of her symptoms vanished. To get rid of the least 10% of her pain, we did one Prolozone session. She has been 100% pain free since then.

The daughter was so impressed she brought her 60-year-old mother to see me. Deidra had incapacitating back pain. She could not do productive work, couldn’t take care of herself, and couldn’t even tie her own shoelaces. A simple examination showed that she didn’t have dental problems. It showed that sitting in a chair she could not raise her lower leg off the floor without excruciating pain. Without methadone (a potent narcotic) and norco (acetaminophen and a narcotic). Life was miserable. He used 3 syringes, one with procaine, a local anesthetic, plus a dab of vitamin B12 and a dab of folic acid. After 4 needle sticks for her entire low back, he instilled a small volume of oxygen/ozone gas. He then raised each of her legs about 70%, which before had been 0%. Within seconds. Deidra was able to tie her own shoes. Five days later she said she had 90% improvement overall after just one session.

Conventional prolotherapy works by injecting small amounts of an inflammatory natural substance into ligaments. This induces a temporary blood supply, which, over time, can get sleeping fibroblasts to make more collagen for repair. Prolozone seems to accomplish the task in a fraction of the time.

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