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Professional Transformation

You already know how to survive now it’s time to live!

* Are you growing in your ability to be happy, more confident and at peace with yourself and life or do you struggle with depression, anxiety or disease? do you feel stuck in some way?

* Do you have a clear and compelling vision? If I asked your team members to tell me what your vision is, would they know what it is?

Whatever your chosen profession, it is your personal bottom line that matters.

Success is not about what you do or how much money you make that counts, but rather who you are at the core level, the quality of your character, and how you impact others and the world around you.

And just what is your personal bottom line? It consists of several elements, including:

Vision, Passion and Strategy

This includes your chosen profession, if it provides you with the opportunity to utilize your creative skills and talents in a way that you are passionate about and is personally meaningful for you. It is not so much about ‘earning a living’ as being fully alive and contributing your personal gifts.

It may also comprise what you do outside of income producing activities, after retirement from your chosen profession or succession from a particular business or career. At this point, your assets provide your income and your focus is on managing your wealth and creating fulfilling and productive involvements outside the traditional workplace.

This passionate pursuit allows you to exercise your natural generosity and desire to make a contribution and a difference whether in the workplace or another setting where your true joyful enthusiasm can shine through.

Honoring Your Core Values And Unique Personal Skills

The activities, events and people holding the greatest attraction for you are a reflection of what you believe and think is important and meaningful. It is difficult to stay interested or involved in something for long without that, and discovering and building on your values is extremely important to your personal effectiveness and growth. You are a direct reflection of your five closest friends and equally your income level reflects that of your five closest peers, choose wisely.

Values are literally who you are at the core level, The measure of one’s real character is what you would do if you knew you would never be found out. When engaged in things you value, life becomes natural and smooth. You are connected, enthusiastic and everything just flows together rather than focusing on a to do list and incompletions, tolerating, frustrated, bored or merely hoping for things to get better.

In addition, you have unique skills personal to your identity, beyond any training, education and experience. These are important to discover and express, and can greatly contribute to your own success and the success of others. Knowing your special and natural approaches to activities allows you to do what you do best and honor the unique accomplishments of others. Studies prove your “Emotional IQ” may be more important to your overall success than intellect.

Developing your natural approaches is a significant factor in your personal effectiveness. I kept six honest serving men. They taught me all I know, their names are What, Why, When, How, Where and Who because I believe self-development begins with self. When communicating with others always begin with praise and honest appreciation. Call attention to people’s mistakes indirectly. Talk about your own mistakes before criticizing the other person. Ask questions instead of giving direct orders…Make the fault easy to correct. Make the other person happy about doing what you suggest; these are the foundation of good character.

Creation and maintenance of personal wealth

Personal wealth is a matter of more than just financial freedom. They say there are two problems with money: not enough or too much, you may have heard it said, “The love of money is the root of all evil” the fact is the lack of money is the root of all evil. Related to those problems are two questions: how much is enough, and what systems and advisors do you have in place to help you grow or properly maintain your assets? The answers to these questions are unique to you, and are a matter of making choices that work for you.

Once you’ve learned to earn well, spend less than you earn, save and properly invest the rest, there’s still more to do to preserve and later distribute your assets.

Sometimes the choices you need to make around money are not easy, and it’s helpful to have an objective and trusted advisor to help coach you through them. Choices involve both facing the decisions and then implementing them, a coach can help you actually take actions on what otherwise may never be more than ideas about the way you wish things would work for you. Nothing is more powerful than an idea who’s time has come.

Personal wealth involves more than money. Money is a tool, a form of reserve that contributes to your freedom and independence. Are you a slave to money or are you in control by employing your money to work for you? There are many other important areas of reserve important to maintaining true freedom including a reserve of time, opportunity, significant relationships/family, love, network/contacts, health, rest, contemplative time, learning, systems, professional advisors, and similar factors critical to your overall personal bottom line and peace of mind.

I will leave you with these three action items:

1. Define your MAJOR PURPOSE, better said know your outcome.

2. Identify your driving force, your BURNING DESIRE that thrives in a state of POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE.

3. Create your WRITTEN PLAN OF ACTION and become a member of a MASTERMIND GROUP because your income is in direct proportion to your five closest peers.

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