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Righty Or Lefty?… Which Side Of Your Brain Is Dominate?

Which way is the dancer spinning… clockwise or counter-clockwise?

When you are in control of your emotions you are in control of your future.

Most people will see her turning counter-clockwise, which apparently means you’re more left brained (logical). Personally, I see her spinning clockwise, and it’s at first almost impossible to imagine her going clockwise. But it happens, usually by focusing or when something unexpectedly alters your perception.

Here’s the typical run down on left versus right brain:


  • uses logic

  • detail oriented

  • facts rule

  • words and language

  • present and past

  • math and science

  • can comprehend

  • knowing

  • acknowledges

  • order/pattern perception

  • knows object name

  • reality based

  • forms strategies

  • practical

  • safe


  • uses feeling

  • “big picture” oriented

  • imagination rules

  • symbols and images

  • present and future

  • philosophy & religion

  • can “get it” (i.e. meaning)

  • believes

  • appreciates

  • spatial perception

  • knows object function

  • fantasy based

  • presents possibilities

  • impetuous

  • risk taking

Many people associate the right brain with creativity and lateral thinking, and there’s certainly something to that. Our left brains create structures that can act as barriersto alternative solutions and perspectives.

But your left brain plays a crucial role in creativity as well. Seeing logical associations between seemingly unrelated things is a hallmark of creativity. And the critical-thinking skills necessary to tell a good idea from a bad one are pretty important too.

So… tell us which way your dancer spins for you in the comments. And weigh in with your opinion about the right brain versus left brain for creativity… isn’t it a really a “whole mind” thing?

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