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A Bible And A Bicycle

Everyone should receive a bible and a bicycle for Christmas  A bible shares the word of God and the bicycle gives you time to connect with God on deeper levels than can be described by words because I was inspired on todays ride…

Fact: Most endurance athletes are running away from something inside of themselves (that’s why they do what they do). You are running away from it while having to face your deepest fears, confronting your demons and conquering them only to find your true strength you have always possessed to find it’s way to the surface. When you are on your bicycle for hours it is not a physical challenge as much as it is a psychological challenge because things from your past and deep within your subconscious arise and appear right in front of your eyes, you are forced to deal with it. It is a controlled breakdown, can you stay on the bike even when you are crying in pain from the demons of your past and the breakdown of glycogen and lactic acid build up in your physical taxation, when you feel you can’t go any further will you quit or will you choose to step up, set a new standard and defy all odds? it is in this moment that your character is defined by staying in it and staying on the bike when you feel you are suffering at max capacity of all physical and mental limits, will you decide to stay to achieve the awakening in your soul, your true self at the core level is waiting for you to show up for your dreams and become extraordinary! Remember a life lived in fear is a life half lived…

~Lisa Christiansen


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