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Authentic Empowerment

When we align our thoughts, emotions, and actions with the highest part of ourselves, we are filled with enthusiasm, purpose and meaning. Life is rich and full. We have no thoughts of bitterness, we have no memory of fear. We are joyously and intimately engaged with our world, this is the experience of authentic power because Perception is reality. you give words and actions meaning, change your belief and you will change your future. Once you master your emotions you are in control of your destiny, conquer the mind and your body will follow. It is when you make a change in your psychology that you will create a much-needed change in your physiology. TAKE CONTROL NOW!!!

Your perception creates the reality that you experience, until you become aware of this it happens unconsciously, therefore, be mindful of what you project. You must stand guard at the doorway of your mind because this is the first step toward authentic power.

The journey to authentic power requires that you become conscious of all that you feel and take immediate action, because any action that moves you in the direction of your desired outcome is “on the right track” as progress only happens when a decision is made, just remember the definition of decision is to cut off, to sever, leaving no other option or alternative. Just remember the story of troy, find your driving force, your leverage, and be resolved in your commitment.

When seen through authentically empowered eyes a being with a higher rank in creation is one that has more ability to see without obstruction, more ability to live in love and wisdom, more ability and desire to help others evolve to own their own power.

When you consciously invoke growing you consciously invoke the parts of yourself that are not whole to come into the foreground of your life. With each recurrence of anger, jealousy, or fear, you are given the choice to challenge it or to give into it. Each time you step up to new challenges and grow by setting new standards it loses power and you gain power.

As you choose to empower yourself the temptation that you challenge will surface again and again building a stronger more resilient you.

With each choice that you make to align yourself with the energy of your soul you empower yourself. Authentic power is built up step-by-step, choice-by-choice and it must be earned. First we make our choices then our choices make us.

What decision will you make today to create the tomorrow you are committed to?

I will first give thanks to God for blessing me as I awake each day and before I choose to make any decision I will ask myself these 10 questions:

1) What am I doing today to get what I want? 2) Will this behavior improve my situation and move me towards what I want?… or am I settling? 3) How would the person I want to be do the thing I am about to do? 4) Who do I have to become to attract the success I want? 5) Am I willing to accept the consequences of not changing. 6) Who is in control? 7) Am I practicing to improve or doing just enough to get by? 8) What don’t I SEE? 9) If my Board of Directors could see my level of effort, focus and intensity, would I get a raise or get fired? 10) Am I willing to do whatever it takes?

By remaining in your power you do not become a static energy system, one that hoards energy to itself. You become a stable energy system, capable of conscious acts of focus and intention. You become a magnet for those who are illuminated and those who want to be outstanding.

You cannot and will not encounter a circumstance or a single moment that does not serve directly and immediately the need of your soul to heal, to become whole.

When presented the challenging dynamic of the human experience Jesus encountered the Luciferic principle. When he was offered dominion over the entire globe was he tempted? Yes he was tempted! If he were not there would have been no power in his choice. Authentic empowerment is not gained by making choices that do not stretch you.

Sooner or later, each soul will turn toward authentic power. Every situation serves this goal and every soul will reach it. When you understand that the experiences of your life are necessary to the balancing of the energy of your soul you are free to not react to them personally and instead respond with a fine balance of logic and emotion.

Although what you encounter and what you do in each moment is appropriate and perfect to the evolution of your soul, the shape of the experiences of your life is determined by the choices that you make. Will you choose to linger in resentment, to remain enveloped in grief for a life half lived or will you decide to release these lower frequency currents of energy in exchange for a life filled with gratitude for the love, acceptance and significance that brings respect and a legacy fruitful of fulfillment.

To Your Continued Success, Lisa Christiansen

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