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Cherokee Nation Citizenship

Lisa Christiansen

I’m so EXCITED because today I went to the Cherokee Nation to get my Citizenship Card, it’s something “new” the tribe I simple ting to further protect our tribe, our culture and rights… Notice the front of my card has my current name “Lisa Christine Christiansen” and the back of the card has a different last name as well as your “birthdate” and “tribal” dates are different… They put the original chosen “white” name you were enrolled into the tribe in on the back (it always remains the same) and the front has your current name. Pretty AWESOME day…

I’ve had my old blue card and CDIB card since before I could remember and my original birth certificate and my certified birth certificate that I currently carry all have my blue card information and my CDIB information already on it because it just came that way (my mom made sure of that because I am the only living direct descendent of Sequoyah that is bilingual in both Cherokee and English, Sequoyah was the inventor of the Cherokee alphabet.) Now the Cherokee nation has upgraded the Way they do things and they have tightened up the restrictions to better protect, serve and preserve our native tongue, cultural rights, and rights as a sovereign nation. Now everything is on one card, literally everything is on one card, it serves as your second ID for your passport it serves as more than what it would appear to.

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