Dear God, Letters from me to you…

My name is ______________ and because you love me and want me to express all of the rainbows of emotions that make me your unique design I thank you.

To begin your Journey in your relationship with God whether you are already saved or just need to rededicate your life, your heart and your soul You can pray something like this:

“God, thank You for loving me. I believe that Your Son, Jesus, died to pay for my sins because of Your great love for me. I believe you raised Jesus from the dead. I now put my trust only in Jesus to love me and forgive me for my sins. Help me put Jesus first. Thank you for our new relationship and the gift of eternal life. Amen.”

This Journal is for you to write your letters to God, to share your thoughts, feelings and opinions as you grow your faith and strengthen your relationship with God for the rest of the days of your life. It is to express love, anger and all of the rainbows of emotions for God wants and loves everything that makes up the magnificent person you are.

~Lisa Christiansen


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