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Forgiveness To Fitness ~ Day 7 ~ Mount Scott

I love saving the best for last!… Today I am humbled and God’s amazing grace for the beauty that surrounds us all, I am deeply grateful to each of you who have decided to take this step to your future, to your lifestyle change that will forever shape who you are yet to become and I am so excited to be such even a small part of your transformation. This forgiveness to fitness event is one of the best yet, I would like to thank each and everyone of you who attended, ladies you have set a new standard of excellence for yourselves and for those around you, gentlemen you have been exactly that gentleman, and to your children I am deeply grateful for their participation because our children are the foundation of our future and by bringing them to this event my prayer is that they flourish and grow in God’s amazing grace and spread the seeds of love through gratitude and forgiveness with all whom they connect with. Let us all remember to see the world through the eyes of a child, to love each other with the innocence of a child, and let us all have faith with the heart of a child even if it begins the size of a mustard seed… ~Lisa Christiansen 💞

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