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Gratitude Prayer

Tonight I come before you to join me in prayer, Father thank you for blessing me so abundantly in your grace, for embracing me in your faithful and everlasting love. Thank you for the blessings you continue to place before me so abundantly, thank you for opening my heart to recognize the blessings within the challenges. Thank you for accepting my soul as a work in progress always shaping and molding me into your design. Thank you for always believing in me, thank you for strengthening me through vulnerability to breakthrough the chains of bondage we know as our imperfections to breakthrough to live by example rather than to lead by ignorance. Thank you that my life and circumstances are God’s perfect design as my every decision is of God, by God and for God first, last and always. I pray gratitude for blessing everyone on their journey with protection, prosperity and well being. I thank you for that each of us are chosen for a unique purpose to share God’s word of love, life, and fulfillment. I pray this in the name of Jesus Christ as I thank you most of all for sacrificing your only son to shed his blood of forgiveness through our veins that we may live in gratitude as forgiveness is the debt he paid that we may know freedom and everlasting life. I pray father forgive them for they know not what they do, please have mercy on the souls that have passed without accepting Christ that they may be received and welcomed into heaven even if this means I take their place. Thank you for the courage to stand even if it means I stand alone, I pray gratitude for God’s grace with the power vested in me through the Holy Ghost, through the everlasting love of Christ embraced in God’s blessing and amazing grace, I am deeply humbled in gratitude, fueled by faith driven by God. Amen.

~Lisa Christiansen

He Has Risen!


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