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Harry Winston With Charles and Colvard Masterpiece

There are days that you get a “just because…” gift that leaves you speechless… I’m in deep gratitude…

This masterpiece is a Harry Winston with Charles and Colvard.

A stunning 1 1/4 center stone EF (colorless, near perfect) IF (internally flawless) less than 3% of diamonds in jewelry fit this rating. 1/2 carat in sapphires (my birthstone.) cut excellent, sapphires are square cut, highest quality…

This is an amazing rare combination of Diamond, Moissanite (a rare meteorite) and sapphire, (my birthstone.)

Most important it’s Very thoughtful… I’ve had jewelry that came with appraisals, this is the first piece I’ve ever had that came with an appraisal that you actually have to register… LOL…

Can we say IMPRESSED… Thank you… ~Lisa Christiansen



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