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In the News: 101 Great Ways to Enhance Your Career, As featured on ABC News

Michelle Riklan, Brian Tracy, Lisa Christiansen

In such a challenging workforce climate, career enhancement means many different things: procuring that first job, keeping an existing position, returning to the workforce after a long hiatus, riding the waves of unemployment, starting an entrepreneurial venture…

We are fortunate to have so many collaborative authors to share expertise, impart wisdom and entertain us with relative anecdotes. In 101 Great Ways to Enhance Your Career, we have compiled a thoughtful collection of 101 unique chapters from some of the industry s leading experts. Our experts are varied with impressive backgrounds and credentials from previously published authors and television personalities to coaches, business owners and heads of associations. They are all stellar educators who have shared information on topics that are personally relevant and hope to inspire and motivate their readers.

Our mission in bringing to you 101 Great Ways to Enhance Your Career, is that you will find chapters that speak to you on a personal level and can use what you find to enhance your career or someone else’s.

What Can You Learn From this Book?

– You can find your passion and relaunch your career. – You can network effectively and secure your next position. – You can create a fabulous resume and sell yourself in a difficult job-market. – You can identify and act upon opportunities for change. – You can fuel your own success. – You can learn the most effective job search strategies.

And so much more! Whether you are seeking answers for yourself or working with a client on career objectives, this book offers solutions, suggestions, advice and support on a wide range of topics including: retirement, business development, career branding, difficult work environments, effective communication, goals, job hunting, leadership resume strategies and telephone interviews. This book is a perfect tool for anyone who is looking to start a career, get ahead in their current position, returning to the workforce, starting their own business or in a role that assists others with career development.


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