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Who do you think you are?

Most of us have an idea of who we are, how we feel, how we behave socially and also, how we are deep down inside. We play roles within our family, at work, at play, and in our community. We have our secret hearts, the way we think we are that no one else knows, the way we wish we were and the ways that we fear we are.

Who you think you are has a lot to do with your original DNA programming and who you really are at your Core has nothing to do with your original DNA programming.

What creates this dichotomy? Well, it is true that we come in with ½ of our DNA from our mother and ½ from our father and along with that is our ancestral DNA and added to that is the information we receive as we develop in the womb and beyond.

What we know now (and the Human Genome Study demonstrated this) is that the DNA we bring in with us is just the start. It is a core set of programs that can have a profound effect on how you make decisions and how you view yourself, your unconscious beliefs, and what feels ‘right’ to you in the world.

However, due to research by such scientific luminaries as Cell Biologist, Dr. Bruce Lipton, we know that many of your DNA programs are epigenetically created. In other words, new DNA programs are created by information coming into the cells from the outside, from your thoughts, your experiences and even your deliberate intentions.

Where it was once thought that you come in to this world as a fully-formed being, with all of your beliefs and behaviors and capabilities and identity set in stone and immutable; we know now that you are changing all the time, either consciously or unconsciously, or both.

You have the capacity to change your blueprint, who you are, how you view the world, and how you want to Be in the world at any given moment.

I use The One Command to make my changes, along with awareness work and consciousness work and play, letting go, and re-creating. What do you use to make the changes you want in your life? It is a good idea to sort that out and create a plan for yourself, to choose a new version of yourself that will fulfill your need to be renewed.

A starting point is to begin from some of your original behavioral programs, your own Behavioral DNA. There are many styles of behavior and they often fit into 4 basic categories that serve as a model for how you Behave and how you view the world, how you make decisions, choose what serves you, and even how you make choices.

These programs also influence how you perceive the world around you, including other peoples behavior and your perceptions of what their behavior means to you.

There are even models of the patterns, the one I work with includes a simple approach to looking at your core DNA programs, those unconscious behaviors that influence you so deeply in your view of the world at large and your place in it. You have the capacity to then take that awareness and choose your own new way of being in the world from a new perspective.

This information gives you guidelines to work from so that you can release the behaviors and beliefs that aren’t working for you and replace them with the thoughts, actions and beliefs about the world and your place in it that are fulfilling for you.

When I work with clients we use a model with category names and background information and guidelines to use or change the behaviors and ideas and beliefs that work or don’t work in their lives. So lets take some pieces of that information that you can use to decide what programs in you may be living from.

Are you by nature a person who is very direct and straightforward, a person who speaks your mind fairly easily, takes charge when necessary and tends to keep your private life private?

If so, it is likely that these behaviors have served you well as long as you have also developed your capacity to listen well to others and take their ideas and feelings into consideration, to open your heart to those closest to you and to allow yourself to play a little.

Are you by nature a person who is often called a visionary, a person who tends to be very social and outgoing (but often feels shy inside and has a need to retreat into yourself sometimes), a person who has a million great ideas and shifts gears very easily?

If so, it is likely that people love to be in relationship with you, until they don’t. It may serve you well to develop your innate compassion into a higher level of listening to and attending to others closest to you in your life. There is a saying about this particular pattern of behavior, Well, enough about me, what do You think about me?

You are charming and charismatic and it may serve you well to truly open yourself up to the vulnerability of a deeper connection to others – you have that capacity inside, and you are truly loving, let go!

Are you by nature a person who loves to know how things work, how things fit together, what patterns show up in life and nature, do you know exactly what Fibonacci Numbers and The Golden Section are in nature, and do you care?

You are often quite brilliant, very curious about many things or at least about everything in one area. You can be very focused on your project or work and you often prefer to work alone, master of your own environment.

Where you might choose to expand is in your willingness to let others into your world, to go beyond the walls of your home and office and open to more variety of experience in your life.

You are a great family person, in fact your family can be the major part of your world other than your work. Where you can gain even more from life is by being a greater part of your community.

Are you by nature a person whose nature is focused more on others than yourself? Are you known for your compassion and caring and helpfulness and kindness? These are all obviously great things to do and great ways to be.

Where you can decide to expand your experience of life is to offer yourself that same level of compassion, caring, helpfulness, kindness and respect to yourself. You also get to choose to have fun just for the sake of it, and take that ‘Sunday best’ outfit out of the closet and start wearing it anytime you want.

Break a few rules, not the ones about speed limits and not Texting while driving, but the rules you carry inside about loving yourself as much as you love others, attending to your own needs, and speaking your truth always, knowing it is ok and you will still be loved and accepted.

Who do you want to be?

So you can see, this is just the tip of the iceberg of Behavioral DNA patterns that reside in the Core of who you are and with a little appreciation of those patterns and a little awareness of how these patterns shape your view of the world, how you make choices, how you process information and how you behave toward yourself and others, you can use those core patterns as a starting point and then refine them into just the person you have always wanted to be.

Information is freedom, you are here reading this because you are choosing to expand your knowledge and expand you life, that is also a Behavioral DNA pattern and it is a pattern that will continue to serve you well. Live and Learn.


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