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Lisa Christiansen Introduces Jeremy Bradshaw and Gcall

Jeremy Bradshaw has created a mobile calling card that is revolutionizing the way the globe will do business, I am impressed beyond measure with the mobile calling card that is more than just a contact card. Jeremy created a personal mobile designed website called Gcall that makes staying ahead of the times a reality today. With this program I am always right at the touch of almost every phone on the globe. Gcall is easy to use, simple to understand and a must for anyone serious about staying in front of their demographic while reaching new demographic markets.


To connect with me simply click my picture on your smart phone or this address When this opens choose “open in contacts” then “save” Once saved click on this link on that page after you’ve saved it… to browse, email, text or call me.

To get yours click on the lower image of Jeremy and follow the above directions and call him by clicking on the phone icon.


I want your opinion… 🙂



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