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Live, Love, Matter

A New Year, A New You

No matter how big your house is, no matter how expensive your car is, or how big your bank account is, Our graves will ALWAYS be the same size. Stay Humble.

Guess how much the richest person in the world took with him/her when she/he passed away? NOTHING!

When you are in your moment of transition from this life it is not the money, the things or the wealth we reflect on, we only ask ourselves three things: 1.) Did I matter 2.) Did I love 3.) Did I live

Start this year off right and commit to LIVING like you will die tomorrow, DREAM like you will live forever and always remember that LOVE is the only thing you take with you… remember the journey is what brings us happiness not the destination so remember to begin EVERYDAY by asking yourself three questions: 1.) Where are you? here, 2.) What time is it? now, 3.) What are you? this moment…

~Lisa Christiansen


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