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Master Of Native Coding

Thank you AMAZON once again for featuring “Invitation To Success” and Nadine for your love support and most of all your friendship…

This introduction to Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) basics and terminology is broadly based on information provided by a combination of Native Coding and Robert Smith MBA, an NLP Master Trainer. It has been heavily edited, re-written and augmented for content, language, and specific applications of the NLP model. It is an extremely simplified overview of basic concepts, terminology and an idiosyncratic one at that. The re-write was done by Lisa Christiansen, NLP Expert and author of Mastering The Art Of Influence, Communication: Perception, Patterns and Persuasion.

Master Of Native Coding Sequoyah (the inventor of the Cherokee syllabary) is one of the first of the native code talkers. Lisa Christiansen is the only living bi-lingual direct descendent of NLP code talker and is the decoder of this beautiful art of influence on the preconscious and subconscious level.

NLP strategies to supposedly get you to buy a product, give me a break. NLP with Native coding in the wrong hands, very lethal. Unlike most tribes of American Indians, the Cherokee were fortunate (or unfortunate) to have a member of the tribe who learned the white mans ways. This would be the one who was educated in the white eye schools. This man was called Sequoyah, this man is my direct descendant and the one who through the generations left me the keys to this artful mastery.

Sequoyah was able to put Cherokee symbols into a form of the English alphabet. This transformed language was a great stepping stone for the Cherokee because of it’s unique structure that very few can actually decipher. This new code was so advanced it allowed one man to outwit an army of 300 men with the advanced native coding as the core DNA of NLP.


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