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QR Codes = Quantum Reach codes


Brian Gumbrell is “THE” QRC Creation expert, mobile app genius and most of all friend… I am grateful to Brian for his unique, creative talents that are ahead of his time and I know this because I have received many comments in the form of questions from advanced IT techs asking how did I get my logo in my QR Code, I have decided to give credit on all places where these codes are displayed because Brian is an artist of technology that transcends time by defying the odds, raising the bar and setting new standards of excellence through visionary innovation… Brian is where imagination meets reality to bring the future into the present… Thank you Brian Gumbrell…

Brian always works from a place of integrity by placing your needs above his own desires. Brian is results focused and focus driven in everything he does. I am honored to have him as a part of Lisa Christiansen Companies and it is my pleasure to recommend Brian Gumbrell.

Deepest Respect,

~Lisa Christiansen



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