Rejuvalife ~ Heart Of The Cherokee


Rejuvalife ~ Heart Of The Cherokee

The most Important Recipe I Can Give You That I Created By God’s Grace and ingredients handed down with my own additions to the original ingredients.

This is what I call Heart Of The Cherokee because it behaves like a “Drano” for the arteries because cleanses as it reduces cholesterol, keeps arteries pliable, cleans the plaque and reduces its ability to build up plaque. It is a fat emulsifier eliminating fat through your waste, keeps your weight in balance. It will keep your skin smooth and it will give you energy. This has a fruit flavor with a hint of sweet nut. Below are listed the key benefits of each ingredient and what they do by themselves however combined it somehow changes the bioavailability and creates a perfect environment within your body to heal itself, enrich your immune system and break calcium buildup while preventing plaque buildup in your arteries. It has heirloom seeds not available for purchase grown on Cherokee land by the Cherokee people.


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