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Secrets And Tools Of The Millionaire Mind


In life you will find two things… a way and an excuse. For what you want enough you will find a way, for what you don’t you will find an excuse…Rewards await those who choose wisely, it is when you continue to fight when you know all hope is lost that miracles happen…

Mastery in one’s career and self-growth simply requires that we consistently and constantly produce results beyond the ordinary into the extraordinary by producing outstanding results. Mastery is attained by consistently stepping outside of our comfort zone, going beyond our limits with the knowledge that the only limits there are in life are the ones we set for ourselves. Open your eyes, listen to hear, feel your achievement and breakthrough your limits to the success you deserve.

For most people, this starts with technical excellence in a chosen field and a commitment to that excellence. This needs to begin with a clear vision and the decision to do what it takes making success your only option. If you are willing to commit yourself to excellence, to surround yourself with things that represent excellence, your life will change because you are your five closest friends. (When we speak of miracles, we speak of events or experiences that go beyond the ordinary into the extraordinary.)

It’s remarkable how much mediocrity we live with, surrounding ourselves with daily reminders that the average is the acceptable, we must decide this behavior of mediocrity is UNACCEPTABLE. More often than not you will find the common belief is limited thinking with a mindset of ‘go to school to get a good job to retire comfortable and then you die.’ I urge you to look inside yourself and identify the things that are keeping you powerless to go beyond any “limit” that you have arbitrarily set for yourself.

Take a moment to assess all of these things around you that promote your being “average,” now take action to remove these things from your life even if this means making new friends, because often your friends will bring guilt to your dreams by saying, “Oh, you think you are better than me?” or “What makes you think you can do that?” These are dream thieves and you need dream achievers in your circle of friends. With that being said, you must reach up to those that frighten you and cultivate friendships which you once thought were impossible. You will be surprised how many will be excited to mentor you.

To begin mastery is to remove everything in your environment that represents mediocrity, removing those things that are limiting. Again, one way is to surround yourself with friends who ask more of themselves than anyone else ever would, because these are the ones who step up to defy the odds, to set new standards and to be the change they want to see in this world by being the example. It is this recipe for success that you must emulate to achieve your success, because if you find someone who is successfully doing what you are passionate about, you simply have to follow his or her formula to achieve the same result.

Another step on the path to mastery is the removal of resentment toward masters – whether on your level, below or above your level. This action is very important because these are your potential mentors. We are always learning from each other so respect is critical; if you don’t respect the person please respect their gifts to contribute to others even if you don’t agree. Develop humility so that while in the presence of masters you are emotionally available with an open heart and an open mind to grow from the experience. Do not compare yourself to others and do not resent people who have mastery, remain open, respectful and receptive; allow the experience to enrich you like the planting of a seed within you that, with nourishment, will grow into your own individual unique mastery.

We are all created equal; mastery is learned through education, life experiences and the examples lay before us. A true master will embrace their flaws and weaknesses as a tool to relate to others with a genuine appreciation of their circumstances. A master recognizes this fault as a foundation for building the extraordinary instead of using it as an excuse for inactivity; use this as a vehicle for growing, which is essential in the process of attaining mastery. You must be able to learn, grow and accept criticism without condemning yourself to accept results and improve upon them. Growth is essential to power and mastery because if you are not growing you are dying.

One of the most important things you can do is to reprogram your success blueprint. What are the strategies that will do so?


Success Blueprint #1

Confidence, Self-esteem and Self-image

The key to confidence is acquiescing a heightened level of positive self-esteem by believing that you are intelligent enough, good enough, and deserving to succeed your desired results.

Ask yourself “who do I need to become to achieve the life I am committed to living?”

When you mirror the self-image of a person who easily does what you desire to do, this action will almost guarantee that you will achieve your outcome.

Success Blueprint #2

Driven By Your Purpose – Your Why

It is not enough to be motivated to reach your outcome; you must be driven by your why. Your ‘shoulds’ become ‘musts.’ You must decide to live on purpose and show up for your dreams with a compelling reason. It is impossible to be this driven unless you are being pushed by something more than just surviving. You must have a passion so intense that it consumes you from the core of who you are. You must be motivated from within and maintain momentum through ups and downs. It’s critical to constantly focus on your purpose, why you want the outcome must be the fundamental focus with every decision. A weak purpose means failure 99.999% of the time

Success Blueprint #3

What You Focus On Is What You Get

Your brain does not know the difference between fact and fiction, and equally, your brain will not make you a liar. Visualize your outcome in the present with clarity because Clarity is power. When you visualize what you want with intense emotion, your psychology will control your physiology and in turn control your environment.

Just as a dream can seem so real, you have the ability to bring it to fruition by visualizing your desire with belief. When you live your dream in the present in your subconscious, your mind will continually move you in the direction to make it happen. Everything that was ever accomplished by anyone was first seen in the mind’s eye. It is no different for you because you have the ability to live life on your terms. When you see it as real, accomplished, as done, as a storming success in your mind, …then you will bring it to fruition.

Success Blueprint #4


The will to succeed can overcome every limitation no matter what your challenge is. The only limitations are the ones we set for ourselves. Get out of your own way.

Success Blueprint #5


Once you make a decision you will succeed because to decide is to cut off, to sever, bringing success is the only option.

“Yes, I Can,” will become your new mantra.

And as your self-confidence grows, your stress levels will plummet and your willingness to take action will soar.

Success Blueprint #6

Follow Up With A Plan

You must know that exactly what you need to do to reach an outcome or make a change in yourself is vital. Inconsistent actions lead to failure. It is essential to follow through on whatever actions are required of you each and every day. Review your why every day in every decision and ask yourself, “Is what I am about to do getting me closer to my outcome?” Before you reach your outcomes, have new ones in place to continue the momentum of your growth.

Keep a vision board or journal and cross off each accomplishment as you move forward in your victories. Your thoughts are what create your life. If you simply do what is required of you each day, you’ll get to your desired outcome. Just like the other people who always get what they want in life.

Success Blueprint #7

Enjoy The Journey

Anything worth having is a challenge, if it were easy everyone would do it, you are extraordinary because you are willing to set new standards and defy the odds. Is the activity of accomplishing a challenging outcome always fun? No. If it were fun, everyone would be taking action? Wouldn’t you look forward to the next challenge? Wouldn’t you experience your mistakes, setbacks, delays, and criticism differently than you do now? Yes, you would.

Instill in your mind an alert awareness of the fun and satisfaction you can have all along the path toward reaching your desired outcome. For example, in areas where you don’t now enjoy the tasks, like exercising, with the statements steering your consciousness toward a love for all things physical, you’ll easily see the activities as enjoyable, or at least gain a greater appreciation for the tasks just like the millions who see it that way already.

Discover new ways to make it more pleasant. You’ll look at the situation in whatever way you need to see it – so that you feel good instead of depressed over your fate of having to do this set of tasks or activities related to your outcome. Your stress levels will go down considerably, and you should be able to reach your outcome easier than you could ever have imagined just a short time ago.

Success Blueprint #8

Be Teachable And Trainable

Duplication is the key. The most important outcomes in our lives often don’t fall within our natural abilities and current level of knowledge. We usually need to do some research, explore options and learn new ideas, techniques, facts, skills, or principles. The problem is that most people don’t want to be bothered to learn anything new. It’s viewed as too much work, as boring or unpleasant, or cuts into relaxation and recreation time.

You need to be ready and willing to learn what you must to reach your outcome and love doing it.

Success Blueprint #9

See Things Better Than They Are

Whatever your outcome is, the truest test of how you are progressing toward it lies not in how you function when you are moving along smoothly, but in how you act and react when problems are presented to you. Bad decisions, mistakes and setbacks are simply part of the process to get where you want to go, and absolutely no reason to quit, to get upset, or even slow your progress.

So whether you’re trying to gain a habit, lose a habit, reach success in business or relationships, or overcome depression or anxiety, flood your mind with self-instructions telling yourself that you are optimistic and level-headed through your setbacks and moments of challenge. 
With conditioning, your desire and determination will grow and stay high even after bigger, more serious setbacks. You’ll become one of those people that always knows or figures out what to do and makes sure it gets done without delay.

Success Blueprint #10


One of the biggest frustrations most people experience is to experience success in reaching a big outcome or status level only to see it all go away. To watch yourself stop doing what you did to reach your success in the first place. The strong tendency is to forget what it took to succeed. This is why people who have been good at something for years can make mistakes and correct them fairly rapidly. People who are just gaining a skill, attitude, or habit can very easily mess up once and quit, or they can fall back into old routines without even knowing it.

When changes are desired, conditioning is critical. One of the things you MUST do to make your changes stick is to pay attention and appreciate what it took to get there, to enjoy the end result, to enjoy the rewards, to acknowledge your success and efforts so that when temptations arise you can understand how you came to succeed. This way, you’ll keep your new ways and continue to succeed when 19 out of 20 are failing, predictably going back to old ways of thinking and acting within days, weeks, or months.

Success Blueprint #11


Most people who reach some long-term outcome or who quit some bad habit self-sabotage after they worked hard to reach their outcome. They don’t see in their own mind that they have accomplished anything. When you accomplish anything, whether it is large or small, give yourself a boost by rewarding yourself for it. Accept other’s praise for what you have accomplished. It’s time to give yourself and accept from others the credit you deserve.


Rewards await those who choose wisely… Procrastination is the abortion of success!!! Choose and be happy…

Do you want to live in wealth? These are the eight secrets that all masters of wealth have in common. Do you have what it takes?

Wealth Creation Secret No. 1:

I know one thing for sure and two things for certain… To create exponential wealth today, you must own your own business and here are the two reasons why.

Your belief may be that the corporate executive with the $100,000 a year job has a net worth more than the small shop owner, but the truth of the matter is that the executive will be challenged to double his/her income and with the expenses of having a family, this will limit the amount of savings not to mention that the taxes will eat up most of any profits that are left.

What I have found through my own personal experience is that the smallest home business owner has unlimited opportunities to expand his/her business and income, as well as how many employees. In most cases, the owner is even able to write their own paychecks, and has the control to increase sales whenever they choose. Did I mention they also have time freedom?

Wealth Creation Secret No. 2.

Remember the three levels of mastery

Cognitive Mastery: understand what you have learned. Emotional Mastery: Link what you learn to emotions Physical Mastery: you have done enough repetition to make it natural, now anchor these together! 
You must be passionate enough to have a working knowledge of your chosen business when you start, and continue to take steps to be a professional student expanding your knowledge as you master your skills. (It is better to live by example than to lead by ignorance). What I have learned through my personal and professional life experiences is that if you don’t know what you’re doing, your mistakes will be many as well as costly, and more often than not, they will be unnecessary. You will not be able to keep up with the ever-growing technologies in any field. Start smart and stay that way. Information linked to emotion is retained.

Wealth Creation Secret No. 3.

Saving money in your personal life and in your business venture is equally important.

Always remember it is not how much you make when you are right. It is how much you save when you are wrong. Self-discipline is the key to saving money. You must develop the will power to deny yourself instant gratification or the temptation of the “get-rich-quick” thinking. Resources will be needed for growth and should be guarded carefully.

Mitigate your risks and always protect yourself.

Wealth Creation Secret No. 4.

You must take risks with borrowed money, your own money or both. Your number one resource is your resourcefulness.

Taking risks is essential to the growth of your business. Some of the richest women and men have staked their entire life savings and lost, several times over, before the risk-taking paid off. When you back risks with good judgment, experience, commitment, and the right support, you have a formula for wealth creation. Now the most important step is to follow through and follow up. …Did I mention follow up?

Search out for advice on risk-taking from the wealthy who still take calculated risks with successful returns, not from your friends who risk nothing more than a few bucks on a lottery ticket; and remember, you are your top five friends, so think about that and seek wisely.

Wealth Creation Secret No. 5.

Do you know the difference between a piece of coal and a diamond? YES, the answer is pressure! Right now you are a diamond in the rough; you just need a little more pressure… It is important to not only learn to live with tension, you must passionately seek it out.

Learn to thrive on stress! Begin getting physically fit, have a psychological overhaul and ingrain new anchors. What will it take for you to handle it? Start now! Once you make the decision to thrive on stress, you will enjoy it; you will begin seeking it out willingly and enthusiastically, and wonder how you ever lived any other way.

Women and men of wealth look at making money as a game much like a child playing monopoly – which they love to play passionately.

Think about this… your biggest problem isn’t that you don’t know what you don’t know, it’s that you don’t know what you do know.

Keep things in perspective and you will be in control of your stress level, once you learn to master your emotions, you will be in control of your life. What will it feel like to live life on your terms?

Perception is everything, we give things meaning. You decide what things mean. Information linked to emotion is retained.

Wealth Creation Secret No. 6.

Create wealth as a positive side effect of your business success. If money is your only outcome in business, you will more than likely fail. The money is the bonus of the game. If you win, the money will be there.

Remember if you lose, and you will every now and then, keep in mind if you play long and hard enough, it must be fun or it isn’t worth it.

Success is living life in fulfillment and money can’t buy that! I know lots of people that have millions of dollars and are very empty. I know plenty of people that live from paycheck to pawnshop and are the happiest people I know.

Money doesn’t define success, if you focus on your passion and love what you do, that is where you will find fulfillment.

Wealth Creation Secret No. 7.

You Must Have Patience.

The greatest business asset you can have is patience, although sometimes (I have challenges with this one, I’m still learning patience)… You must wait for the right time to make your move, if you are in the right place at the wrong time you will have pain. You must learn to adapt to your environment and act accordingly.

Learn to trust yourself, do what you do best and let your business grow naturally. Pay attention and recognize opportunity.

Don’t procrastinate when opportunity knocks answer the door.

Wealth Creation Secret No. 8.

You must Challenge yourself, one way is to diversify your time and assets.

When you accomplish your outcome, you will find the need to be challenged once again. One way to fulfill this need is to seek out other ventures to grow and contribute.

I like the three-bucket game:

My first bucket I have a SNF (sleep-at-night factor) or some people might call it a security bucket. This bucket has 40% of my investment money in it in the form of CD’s, Money Market, etc.

My second bucket is my growth bucket. This bucket has 60% of my investment money in it in the form of real estate, buy-and-hold, etc. this is my momentum or high return, which is a little more of a risk.

My third bucket is my dream bucket or my play money. How this works is that every time the other buckets show a profit, I take 10% of the profits and give it to tithes, another 10% goes into the dream bucket, 30% goes into the growth bucket and 50% goes into the SNF bucket. If I want something I must wait until my dream bucket has enough for me to buy it with.

Now to diversify my time, I love to ride my bicycle in events all over the world. So that takes care of that need, and I am living my dream with this formula. Now you have the formula, what is your dream?


First we make our choices then our choices make us…

What decision will you make today to create the tomorrow you are committed to?

This has been and still is the single most important action I take everyday. I have found that success is achieved more efficiently when this action is taken seriously. This may also be the most impactful action you can take immediately to start living your dream today.

Before you choose to make any decision ask yourself these 10 questions:

1) What am I doing today to get what I want?

2) Will this behavior improve my situation and move me towards what I want?… or am I settling?

3) How would the person I want to be do the thing I am about to do?

4) Who do I have to become to attract the success I want?

5) Am I willing to accept the consequences of not changing?

6) Who is in control?

7) Am I practicing to improve or doing just enough to get by?

8) What don’t I SEE?

9) If my Board of Directors could see my level of effort, focus and intensity, would I get a raise or get fired?

10)Am I willing to do whatever it takes?

Never leave the site of a goal without taking at least one action toward achieving your outcome…


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