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Sports Psychology Using The Art Of NLP

By Lisa Christiansen

As a cyclist or triathlete you know how it feels to one day go out feeling as if you are Lance Armstrong and the next day under the exact same conditions feel like a big donkey!  Most professional athletes will tell you that performance is all in the mind and the really successful ones don’t just say it, they believe it and they do something about it. They use psychological training.

I have always been fascinated with what can be achieved with the right mental fitness and I am obsessed with endurance sports so I thought I would create a system to teach you some of the exercises and techniques I have used to help Olympic and World champions reach their full potential. I have developed this program to help you reach a whole new level of performance, so as you read the posts, do the exercises and let me know how I can help you reach your outcome.

The FREE resources, exercises and techniques, which will be posted, are specifically for cyclists and triathletes.  I will also be looking at how other sports stars prepare mentally for competition and showing you how you can adapt it for cycling and triathlon events.

My Outcome Is To Help You Develop:

  1. Control over pre-competition anxiety

Pre-event Anxiety

One of the biggest hurdles competitors and performers encounter is competition anxiety. This emerges as nervousness, negative self talk, cold sweats, difficulty sleeping the night before competition and so on, this is not a helpful state to be in, as interferes with pre competition preparation, and can often continue through to the competition itself, resulting in a diminished performance (which itself becomes a ‘memory’ for future anxiety). Consultations would concentrate on shifting negative memories, thoughts and emotions, and develop a positive strategy for optimal arousal.

  1. Laser sharp concentration

Rebuilding Motivation and Focus

Sometimes we simply lose our focus, drive and energy for a particular goal. This affects our training and affects our competition. There can be a variety of reasons, such as conflicts within the team, our sport/life balance is out, or a major life event has occurred.  Using hypnosis and NLP we can discover the cause of the lack of motivation, re-engage the goal, and the momentum towards it. This is where we build a foundation with a results focused, focus driven massive action plan engaging the reticular activating system in our brain that unleashes the servo-mechanism allowing success as the only option.

Unshakeable belief and confidence

Sports NLC is built on the principles of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and recognizes that for you to achieve outstanding success, you must run a ‘mental program’, which is capable of outstanding success.

If you agree that your mind is the most powerful computer known to man and for a computer to operate effectively it requires software, then you can consider Sports NLC to be mental software for your mind.

By introducing a new language into your mind, (i.e. a language of psychology of sports success through the art of NLP utilizing the sub-modality Sports NLC), you will literally reprogram your own mind to think at this level yourself. You will start to see the world through the eyes of leading athletes. Opportunity and success will present it self, simply because you will now be ready to see it, where others can’t.

By installing a new program/language in yourself, you will develop the unshakable belief and confidence that is common to all ultra-successful athletes. When you are on top of your game, your confidence and self-belief will be obvious which in itself will inspire others to believe in you and follow you.

Supreme mental toughness

Clearing Negative Memories

For most, profound negative experiences are managed in a way that allows us to move on. However, every now and then a negative experience can play on mind. Sometimes we are consciously aware of this, other times we simply know that we have developed an something unhelpful since experiencing a particular traumatic moment. Consultations would use the rapid techniques in NLP and hypnosis to ‘shift’ the negative memory in a way that allows you to move on.

If you want to get more specific, the inner mind uses the parts of your brain beneath the cerebral cortex where neuroscientists have identified structures that are responsible for feeling emotion, normal body movement you know so well they become automatic like walking and processes necessary for survival such as breathing.

Because the subconscious mind both influences what you perceive and changes as a result of your perceptions, it involves the rest of the nervous system beyond the brain. This subconscious or inner mind is the seat of your emotions, habits and beliefs, and it involves your memories and experiences in creating your wellness.

  1. Higher levels of motivation

Maintaining a high level of discipline will also help raise your level of self-motivation. Discipline will assist you in setting schedules to meet desired goals and objectives despite whatever obstacles might get in the way keeping in mind that an obstacle is what you see when you take your eye off of the goal.

Believing in what you are doing and adhering to the assigned tasks will give you the motivation you need to meet the outcome that you have set for yourself. Increasing self-motivation through discipline can also be obtained by recounting the numerous benefits that can result from you ultimately succeeding as an athlete as well as other areas of your life.

With these modalities I am not going to just stick to the usual Sports Psychology techniques but will introduce you to the secrets of other mental training tools including Hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (NLP).

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