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Forgiveness To Fitness ~ Day 4 ~ July 16, 2015 featuring guests Sharing gratitude and excitement

Forgiveness To Fitness ~ Bath Lake with our Guests at Medicine Park facing fears and healing souls…

It is so nice to see so many familiar faces and it is so exciting to see so many new faces. I thought that by having only 50 participants it might seem small but instead we are growing closer into a strong family as we invite new family members in to make them feel welcome… I am looking forward to what tomorrow brings Whoever, whatever and wherever you are, remember you are never alone, words are powerful as God speaks through everyone. Your influence on the lives of others you may never see, you may think you are barely a drop in the bucket yet that drop creates waves of influence that change the world to make it a better place for generations to come…

~Lisa Christiansen

forgiveness to fitness – Lisa Christiansen


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