History Of Gratitude: From Sequoyah To Future Generations 

Sequoyah’s great granddaughter Mary Guess (Gist) is Lisa’s great, great, great grandmother. Mary married Charley Dirteater…. Their children are Willie (Gist) Guess; Belle Dirteater; Jim Wolfe; Henry Dirteater; Dick and Stan Dirteater. Maggie Sourjohn and Mrs. Sam Shadoin. Their daughter Belle, Cherokee Roll 18,498, field card 7886 on Cherokee Card 9093 shows she married George Dick on November 3, 1906. On that same day she became a citizen of the United States of America.

Lisa Christine Christiansen’s great grandparent’s records are

Application Census card Roll# Name

16964 9093 9685 George Dick CRN 20850

17188 7886 9686 Belle Dirteater 18498

10389 9919 12741 Joseph L. Groundhog 26091

14697 10244 12742 Nannie Gritts 29265

Lisa Christiansen 250771 The records are at the Fort Worth, Texas regional office and at the National Archives in Washington, D.C.

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