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NLP Insider Secrets To Quickly Unleash Your Hidden Potential


7 Simple Steps You Can Take TODAY To Dramatically Increase Your Wealth, Health and Overall Happiness

Because I Value YOUR Success,

You are about to learn seven devastatingly effective NLP techniques. Any one of the following tips has the ability to change your life… Forever. Before we get there, let me back up for a moment. This whole thing started about a week ago after speaking with applicants for my Platinum Coaching Program. Even though they signed up from all over the globe, they shared many of the same frustrations. One call after another and the same frustrations, fears and humbling experiences boiled down to how people felt…

“Locked Up”

“Held Captive”


Not by some rebel force, but from their own mind.

Some told me they felt blindsided by the economy and were now “flat broke.” Others were caught up in a never-ending cycle of relationships with “lying bastards.” Still others felt drained of energy, lethargic and not sure what to do next.

What’s even worse…

Events in their lives had blinded them of their true passions and replaced their optimism with seeds of doubt.

The weird thing?

I could tell within minutes of talking to each person that each had MASSIVE POTENTIAL. They were just missing that “ah-ha” moment.

One simple thing.

Like the extra degree of heat that turns hot water into steam and powers an empire-building locomotive. And since success leaves clues, I decided to create this “cheat sheet” for you.

These are the “NLP INSIDER SECRETS To Quickly Unleash Your Hidden Potential.”

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Don’t take it from me…

Here are a few comments from happy customers who have used the

Learn NLP At Home Course

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~Linda Vann

Bunch, Oklahoma

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~Mark W


NLP courses usually cost hundreds of pounds, plus travel and accommodation. Your program is packed with all the information at a fraction of the cost and I am able to learn it all at a time to suit me and in the comfort of my home!

~Thomas M.

Roma, Italy

I am only half way through this excellent course and already it has enhanced my communication skills. Thank you so much for making this affordable programme.”

-Melissa Z

Los Angeles, Ca.

NLP Insider Secret #1

Crack The Code: Understanding The “Secret Language” Of Your Mind

Ready to program your mind for success?

First you need to learn the “secret language” of your mind because NLP (which stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming) was originally created by a computer scientist and a linguist… There are scientific, subconscious, preconscious and technological terminology involved so to better understand what NLP is, and how YOU can use it effectively, let’s start with a simple example.

Would it be fair to say that if you want to bake a birthday cake for your friend you would need some appliances, ingredients and a recipe? I am not a top chef but with the proper tools, the right ingredients, and a set of easy step-by-step directions I duplicate the recipe and make the same delicious cake.

It’s a similar process to modeling success in other people and applying it to your life. (No sense in making things complicated, right?)

Ok, now that I’m getting hungry, let’s jump back to NLP and how YOU can apply it to your life.

Broken down, NLP is simply:

“NEURO”: neurology or, more simply, your mind. Many people have limiting beliefs and feel as though they can’t do or have what they want. The mind, however, is essentially limitless in potential.

Consider this:

In the 1970’s it was believed that the number of possible neurological connections within your brain could be represented by a 1 with 800 zeros after it. That number is vastly larger than the number of atoms in the known universe! And, what’s more today the scientific community believes the original prediction of possible neurological connections was a gross under-estimate.

The brain can not be 100% active, MRI’s and others have shown that only certin parts of the brain are active at any given time, that activity is in the range of 10 – 40% (in someone that is awake,) when you engage the brain through the subconscious and preconscious levels you will reach new heights in your potential.

What this means to YOU is: your potential is limitless.

That is like standing in the finest gourmet bakery, with the most advanced appliances and stirring the cake batter with your index finger. Silly.

“LINGUISTIC”: the language of your mind.

Luckily, the “language” of our mind can be broken down into a few simple ingredients:

Pictures, Sounds, Feelings, Smells, Tastes, Words

Whether you want to be more motivated (keep reading!), make a million dollars or complete a triathlon, it’s these ingredients that are involved.

Play empowering mental movies in your head and you’ll get empowering results.

Speak to yourself and others effectively and you’ll get the outcome you want.

“PROGRAMMING”: The set of directions we use that lead us to our outcomes.

It’s pretty simple. If you mess up the recipe, your birthday cake isn’t going to be so great. Which reminds me of my Aunt’s failed attempt at making a biscuits that I later lovingly refer to as the “powdered dough.”

Success leaves clues and it’s easy to replicate when you have the proper instructions in front of you.


“NLP has the untapped potential for treating individual problems… it has metamorphosed into an all-purpose self-improvement program and technology.” –Time

Now that you know the “secret” language of the mind, let’s have some fun…

NLP Insider Secret #2

How To Motivate Yourself In 30 Seconds Or Less

Have you ever struggled from a lack of motivation? If you are like most people then you probably have. Guess what… It’s Not Your Fault.

Motivation is hardly ever taught and it’s almost never broken down into a process you can adapt to your life quickly and easily. When you think about it… that’s absolutely crazy. You already have all the potential in the world for happiness, love, financial abundance, and prosperity. If you aren’t motivated then you will simply remain where you are: STUCK. The good news is that with this “weird” NLP trick you can learn to motivate yourself in seconds. But before I tell you exactly what it is (and HOW to do it), I want to ask you a question… How much would it be worth to you if you were more motivated to pursue your passions?

Well… If you apply this technique to transform your body and become more healthy then the results will be: more energy, more happiness, and more passion in your life. If you need to be more motivated to create more income and attract wealth in your life then this one tip could easily be worth hundreds, thousands, even millions of dollars. And… If you use this technique to attract a loving relationship into your life then this one tip is quite literally: PRICELESS

Let’s get to it, shall we?

The secret to creating more motivation is simple and takes only 3 steps.

Step 1: Determine in what area of your life you want to be motivated (career, health, etc.)

Step 2: Focus on a specific time in the context of Step 1 when you were extremely motivated.

Step 3: As you think of that time I want you to “float back into your body” at that time, looking through your own eyes and…

See what you saw

Hear what you heard

And really FEEL the FEELINGS of being completely and intensely motivated.

Now- AMP UP that feeling and make it even stronger. Feel it FLOW throughout your entire body.

Feels great, right! And it only took a few seconds to do.

NLP Insider Secret #3

How To Ask Simple Questions That Lead To “Success Breakthroughs”

How you talk to yourself directly impacts your perception of the world. If you’re not using your language to create and nurture empowering beliefs then you will be the victim of negative thoughts pushing you in the wrong direction. Not only is this technique incredibly effective, creating success breakthroughs is easy to do. Let me demonstrate with an example about Adam and Bethany.

Adam and Bethany married a few years ago and have each started new careers all while raising their two young children. Both Adam and Bethany are “good people” and have great intentions but still feel overburdened because they are struggling to make ends meet. They piled up debt when they first got married and now the bills are coming in faster than their paychecks. They feel frustrated and things are looking grim. They fear that their dreams to buy a home together, take relaxing vacations and send their kids to a good University may never happen. What is even worse… If something doesn’t change soon, they won’t even be able to pay rent on their modest apartment.

Your Mission…

Choose who is more likely to have a “Success Breakthrough” based on the questions they ask themselves.

Feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by his current situation, Adam asks himself the following questions:

“Why do things NEVER go my way?”

“How come no one is buying anything these days” “Why am I so bad at making money?”

Bethany, on the other hand, routinely asks herself these questions:

“What do I need to do to grow my business?”

“In the past I had trouble meeting new clients. What do I need to focus on to make it easy to meet new clients?”

“How can I add more value to those around me and make doing business with me a nobrainer?”

So… Who do you think will create a Success Breakthrough first? I’m sure you guessed correctly that Bethany is the person helping to create empowered beliefs and focus her mind on success because it’s not just getting out of “the slump” that makes the difference here. The sad, pitiful truth is this: Adam may NEVER make the necessary changes to get the outcome he wants. (Unless he discovers how to “re-program” his brain by no longer asking disempowering questions).

Begin to notice the questions you ask yourself and if they aren’t helping you then replace them with empowering questions IMMEDIATELY. Put this technique to the test and I guarantee that you will see amazing results!

Now you’re ready for NLP Insider Secret #4

The Little-Known Secret That Allows You To Influence Others Quickly And Easily

Take a moment and think about the power you will have at your fingertips when you’re able to successfully influence other people.

You will be able to…

* Ethically persuade your customers to buy from YOU

* Attract and meet the types of people you really want in your life

* Raise awareness and help others take action for a great cause

* And the list goes on and on because the only limits are the ones you set for yourself, once you remove these limits you will achieve everything you desire!

This secret is so powerful because it works to influence someone’s unconscious mind.

In order to “ethically hijack” someone’s mind you need to influence them into creating pictures, sounds, feelings in their head. It’s like you are “pressing play” on their mind’s DVD player.

Do you want to help someone lose weight? You could either say, “Hey John, you should drop a few pounds.” WRONG! It will be much more effective if you say, “Hey John, do you ever notice how good you feel after eating healthy foods? Just imagine what you will look like with your new, slender, physically fit body.”

Want to sell more of your product or service?

You could say, “You should buy this car because it’s comfortable, fast, and affordable.” (MEDIOCRITY at it’s finest,) you could say, “Imagine gripping the wheel of this car, feeling the unbridled horsepower all in your control. Your friends will be passionately admiring you as you cruise down the street with your radio blasting and the wind breathing upon your skin as it is too in awe of you .”

Want to soothe someone’s mind?

You could say, “Don’t worry about all your stress from work.” HORRIBLE! or you could say, “Just take a slooooooooow…… deeeeeeeeeeep breath and allow your body to RELAX as your exhale all your troubles away and replace them with soothing feelings… imagine you are light as a balloon gently floating up to the heavens.” PERFECTION!

The trick?

Use your language to create a movie that sucks them in the moment you “press play.” With just a few simple words you have already started your journey to being an EXPERT of influence.

Use your powers wisely and with integrity.

Always Remember: Truly successful people get what they want by becoming “givers” not “takers.” Motivational speaker and my mentor the late Zig Zigler said it best: “You can have everything you want in life if you help enough people get what they want.”

NLP Insider Secret #5

How To Create Instant & Lasting Rapport Wherever You Go

Most of the highly successful people in this world are masters at quickly building rapport with others. The top salespeople in the world do this naturally. As do the best coaches, teachers and friends. It is such an important skill that it’s critical you learn it no matter what your profession and through the NLP modeling process, the esoteric concept of rapport has been broken down into simple steps that anyone can follow. The basic principle at the heart of the rapid rapport is that people like others who are similar to them.

There are many ways to quickly build rapport with someone. Perhaps you have the same first name, attended the same school, or work in the same profession. Maybe you have a similar sense of humor, and both laugh at the same situation; either way, you instantly feel more at ease with them because you can relate on a certain level.

The REAL trick in building rapport, however, is to use NLP to stealthily create rapport in situations where it is not already present. The trick is to pay attention to the clues they are giving you. By cluing in to a person’s physiology, the tonality in their voice and the words they use, you are given a blueprint to the way their mind works. Once you understand how their mind is working, you can match and mirror their own cues to subtly convince them that you are alike. Here are two fun and stealthy tricks to build rapport with others quickly and easily.

The next time you are talking to someone, pay careful attention to their nonverbal cues. Notice how they are standing (leaning against something, completely upright and alert, slouching with their hands in their pockets, etc.) or sitting (whether they have their legs crossed, whether they are leaning forward or backward, arms crossed or not, etc.). Casually mirror their posture, stance and lean without being obvious. Since this is what friends naturally do, it will feel right to them. That person may even say, “I know we just met, but it feels like we’ve known each other for a long time.” You can also listen to the language they use and notice if they use more visual, auditory or “feeling” language. If he/she uses phrases like, “I see what you mean”, “I picture it as…” and “Let’s take a look…” she/he is referring to visual representations. In turn, you can use visual-based phrases to let him know that you too are a visual person, and are similar to him in that way; building instant rapport without her/him ever knowing it was a conscious effort on your part. Pretty soon you will be a NATURAL at creating quick and lasting rapport.

NLP Insider Secret #6

Goal-Getting Secrets That Few People Will Ever Learn

Do you really want success? Then stop setting goals and start getting goals.

Most people know that goals are important for success. But here is something that might just SHOCK you… The majority of people who create goals are doing it THE WRONG WAY. In fact, they way most people set goals actually PREVENTS them from getting what they want, instead they simply feel overwhelmed and discouraged.

The “trick” to creating empowering goals and getting what you really want is… SIMPLE. But before we get there, let’s take a look at a few “real-world” goals…

* Make more money

* Be happier

* Travel more

* Financial freedom

Notice anything?

These “goals” (if you can even call them that)… Don’t mean JACK SQUAT! Watch- I’ll prove it…

“Make more money.” Does this mean make $1 more this year? Does it mean you are going to get a job at the Monopoly factory literally “making money?” The problem with stating goals like this is that they are vague and meaningless.

They just add more confusion to your world.

THE SOLUTION? Well… it’s easy of course.

To create a plan and reach your goals you need to make them specific and measurable.

So, “make more money” becomes… “By the end of the year, I will make an additional $100,000” or… “Within the next 30 days I will have an additional $25,000 in my checking account”

Want to know when you’ve done this correctly?

It’s easy: Find 10 people and ask them what your goal means. When it is specific and measurable you will get the same answer from each of them.

Now, are you ready to make this EVEN MORE POWERFUL?

I thought so…

Take a moment and imagine already having achieved that goal. What will you see when you have it? What will you hear when you have that goal? What will it FEEL like knowing you’ve accomplished that goal?

Congratulations! You are on the right track to getting that goal!

With 6 empowering NLP tips and tricks down, it’s time to put all the pieces together and learn…

NLP Insider Secret #7

The “Take Action Tactic”

Now that you know several simple tips and tricks to help get what you want, what are you going to focus on? The reason most people don’t take ACTION and get what they want is not because they don’t want it and It’s not because they’re lazy. More often than not, it comes down to… “Paralysis by analysis.” Do not over ANALize…

I’m sure you’ve been in a situation where you had high aspirations and goals, yet you didn’t know where to begin. Days, weeks, even months pass by and it’s the same story… You’re right where you started.

Successful people have an uncanny ability to turn down the volume on everything except the one goal they are working on and you can do this too. In fact, it’s easy. (Are you beginning to see a trend with NLP and simplicity??) You can avoid overwhelm and easily get yourself to take action by asking yourself one simple question:

“What specifically do I need to focus on now to reach my desired outcome?”

For example, maybe you want to go back school to get a higher degree. You could think of all the things you need to do. (Like talk to a counselor, register for classes, find transportation, quit your job, sign up for student loans, and on and on…) and of course, what does that lead to? You guessed it… Overwhelm.

It’s much more effective to focus on one specific thing like calling the counselor to set an appointment. And then… DO IT!

The result? You’re now one step closer to reaching your goal. (Feels great doesn’t it!)

Your task for today?

Take Action!

After all, it is what successful people do. That concludes our show for today. I hope somewhere in this report you found that little spark that will help you become wildly successful. Oh yeah, don’t forget to have some fun along the way! Now all that is left is to stop making excuses and take responsibility for your success to make quantum leaps on your path to ultimate success… Take Action Now


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