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Winning Your Waist

Winning the war on fat, here are some simple supplements to have in your arsenal to add years to your life and life to your years looking fit and fabulous the healthy way.

Supplement Suggested Dosage

Very Important

Aeobic Bulk Cleanse(ABC) from Aerobic Life As directed on label. Always take supplemental

Industries or psylllium husks fiber separately from other supplements and

Medications. 1 tbsp ½ hour before meals with a

Large glass of liquid. Drink Quickly.

Chromium picolinate 200-600 meg. Daily

Essential fatty acids (flaxseed oil, primrose oil As directed on label

And salmon oil are good sources)

Kelp 1000-1500 mg. Daily

Lecithin granules or capsules 1 tbsp 3 times daily, before meals-1,200 mg

3 times daily, before meals

Spirulina or Spiru-tein from Nature’s Plus As directed on label 3 times daily- between meals

Vitamin C with bioflavonoids 3,000-6,000 mg. Daily


Calcium 1,500 mg daily

Choline and Inositol As directed on label

Coenzyme Q10 As directed on label

Dehydroeplandrosterone (DHEA) As directed on label

Gamma-aminobulyric acid (GABA) As directed on label

L-Arginine and L-ornithine plus L-lysine 500 mg each or as directed on label,before bed.

Take on empty stomach with water or juice. Do

Not take with milk. Take with 50 mg vitamin B6

And 100 mg vitamin C for better absorption.

L-Camitine 500 mg daily

L-Glutamine As directed on label

L-Methionine As directed on label

L-Phenylalanine As directed on label, on an empty stomach

L-Tyrosine As directed on label, take at bedtime

Maitake As directed on label

Multivitamin and mineral complex with As directed on label

Potassium 99mg daily

Vitamin B complex plus extra 50 mg 3 times daily

Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) and 50 mg 3 times daily

Vitamin B3 (niacin) 50 mg 3 times daily-do not exceed this amt.

Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) 50 mg 3 times daily

Vitamin B12 50 mg 3 times daily

Zinc 80 mg daily. Do not exceed a total of 100mg

Daily from all supplements


Alfalfa, corn silk, dandelion, gravel root, horsetail, hydrangea, hyssop, juniper berries, oat straw, parsley, seawrack, thyme, uva ursi, white ash, and yarrow can be used in tea form for their diuretic properties.

Aloe vera juice improves digestion and cleanses the digestive tract.

Astragalus increases energy and improves nutrient absorption. (Don’t take in presence of a fever).

Butcher’s broom, cardamom, cayenne, cinnamon,Garcinia cambogia, ginger, green tea, and mustard seed are thermogenic herbs that improve digestion and aid in the metabolism of fat.(Don’t use cinnamon in large quantities during pregnancy).

Bladderwrack, borage seed, hawthorn berry,licorice root, and sarsaparilla stimulate the adrenal glands and improve thyroid function.(If high blood pressure, avoid licorice. If overused it elevates blood pressure, do not use on a daily basis for more than seven days in a row.)

Ephedra, guarana, and kola nut are appetite suppressants(do not use ephedra if you suffer from anxiety, glaucoma, heart disease,high blood pressure, or insomnia, or if you are taking a monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitor drug for depression.

Fennel removes mucus and fat from the intestinal tract, and is a natural appetite suppressant.

Fenugreek is useful for dissolving fat within the liver.

Siberian ginseng aids in moving fluids and nutrients throughout the body, and reduces the stress of adjusting to new eating habits.(don’t use if you have hypoglycemia, high blood pressure, or a heart disorder.)


Do not worry so much about the number of calories you consume as about eating the proper foods. Rotate your foods and be sure to eat a variety of foods. Eat meals that consist of a balance of proteins, complex carbohydrates, and some fat. By eating balanced meals you get more steady blood sugar levels and the ability to burn stored body fat for long-term weight loss.

Eat more complex carbohydrates that also offer protein, such as tofu, lentils, plain baked potatoes( no toppings, except for vegetables), sesame seeds, beans, brown rice, whole grains, skinless turkey or chicken breast and whitefish(no shellfish). Poultry and fish should be broiled or baked, never fried.

Eat fresh fruits and an abundance of raw vegetables. Try for 1 meal per day that consists only of vegetables and fruits. Use low-calorie vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, celery, cucumbers, green beans, lettuce, onions, radishes, spinach and turnips. Good fruits are apples, cantaloupe, grapefruit, strawberries, and watermelon. Use less frequently bananas, cherries, corn, figs, grapes, green peas, hominy,pears pineapple, sweet potatoes, white rice and yams. Eat foods raw, if possible. If heated, they should be baked, broiled, steamed or boiled. Avoid fried and greasy foods.

Drink 6-8 glasses of liquids daily. Herbal teas and steam-distilled water with trace minerals added are good. Herbal teas mixed with unsweetened fruit juice are good, use these between meals when a desire for sweets hits you. Drink sparkling water mixed with fruit juice in place of sodas.

Watch your fat intake, some is necessary, but make it the right kind. Avocados, olives, raw nuts and seeds, wheat germ are good. Do these in moderation (no more than twice a week. Eliminate saturated fats totally. Never consume animal fat, found in butter, cream, gravies, ice cream, mayo, meat, rich dressings, and whole milk. Don’t eat fried food.

Consume in moderation- apples, brown rice, buckwheat, chestnuts, corn, grapes, oatmeal, white potatoes, and yellow vegetables. These contain small amounts of essential fatty acids

Good choices of snacks- celery and carrot sticks, low-fat cottage cheese topped with fresh applesauce and walnuts, unsweetened gelatin made with fruit juice in place of sugar and water, natural sugar-free whole-grain muffins,unsalted popcorn, watermelon, fresh fruit or frozen fruit popsicles, unsweetened low-fat yogurt topped with granola or nuts and fresh fruit.

Do not eat any white flour products, salt, white rice, or processed foods. Avoid fast food and junk food.

Do not consume sweets such as soda, pastries, pies, cakes, doughnuts, or candy.

For a quick energy boost, try taking a spirulina tablet

Use wheatgrass to calm the appetite.

Don’t take alcohol in any form, including beer and wine.

Use extra fiber daily. Guar gum and psyllium husks are good sources. Take fiber with large glass of liquid ½ hr. before meals.

Be active, take a walk every day before breakfast or dinner. Use stairs instead of the elevator. Walk or ride a bike as opposed to driving, whenever possible. Get regular aerobic exercise, such as walking, running, bicycling, or swimming and do exercises for strength, such as yoga or stretching exercises. Be sure to drink water during exercise to prevent dehydration and cramps. If you have been sedentary for some time, try exercising in water.

Change your eating habits- Always eat breakfast. Eat small meals every 3-4 hrs, don’t skip meals. Make your main meal lunch, not dinner. Some people don’t consume food after 3:00 p.m. Put less food on your plate, chew slowly, stop eating as soon as you are no longer hungry. If you get the urge to eat, put on a tight belt, this will make you uncomfortable and remind you that you want to lose weight.

Learn to ride out your food cravings. They peak and subside like ocean waves. Tell yourself that you can satisfy the craving if you really want to. Then wait 10 minutes. Try to do something to distract yourself. If you decide to eat whatever, then decide how much is reasonable and enjoy it, take one bite and savor the taste, eat slowly. Find out what causes your cravings. If you like to eat, while watching tv, try reading, drinking a big glass of water or taking a walk. Do not grocery shop on an empty stomach, you will be tempted to buy forbidden foods Avoid crash dieting. To maintain weight loss, calculate how many calories you need daily by multiplying your weight by 10, then add 30 % ( this # you can consume daily, without gaining back.


The basic math of weight loss is that each pound of body fat is worth 3,500 calories. To lose 1 pound a week(a good , safe reasonable goal) you must tip the calorie consumption in your favor by 500 calories each day. To maintain weight loss, you must adopt a healthier, more active lifestyle. This includes a natural, healthy diet and regular exercise. Quick weight loss tends to come back rapidly. A study shows that using artificial sweeteners tend to cause weight gain, not lost. Calories derived from fat are more easily converted into flab than calories from other sources. The need to eat something sweet after a meal is an acquired habit and can be broken. Eating a low-fat diet that is high in complex carbohydrates does not mean eating tasteless, bland foods. The goal is to reduce the total fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol in the diet and to increase the amount of complex carbohydrates. Potatoes, pasta, breads, corn, rice and other complex-carbohydrates rich foods are not the cause of obesity, they are the cure.

Hydroxycitric acid(HCA) has proven very effective for weight management. It suppresses hunger and also helps to prevent the body from turning carbohydrate calories into fat. It is available in supplement form.

Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) helps to control the metabolism of fats. Taking at least 250IU of GLA a day helps to control the appetite.

Diet Esteem Plus from Esteem is a diet product that contains many of the nutrients recommended plus the herbal extract HCA.

Trace mineral boron may speed the burning of calories. Raisins and onions are good boron sources.

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