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8th Annual Global Business Forum Awards Lisa Christiansen for Outstanding Contributions In Global Re


The 8th Global Business forum was held at the Anaheim convention Center on Saturday, September 7th. A very successful event in business and entertainment world. A day with great Speakers, Celebrities and politicians at the International Global Forum. Many businesses from all around the world had booths from Health Care from Latin America and Jewelry from Samira Gem Creation and may other businesses.

There were businesses from all over the world, all the way from Africa, India, Middle East and more. There were different sections in the health care system, education, environmental and green life planning and many more. In The arena there was a business seminar throughout the day and an award ceremony, many great people attended the event.

Some of the awardees were the Two Term Mayor of Beverly Hills Mr. Jimmy Delshad, The former Los Angeles District Attorney Carmen Trutanich. The Mayor of Ontario whom is running for Assembly Mayor Paul Leon. The Producer of an award Winning TV Show Mr. Michael Makabeh. The President of the United Nations’ Association of the USA, Inland Empire, Southern California Ike M. I. Khamisani gave a presentation and hoping to make peace throughout Asia. Producer of An award Wining Show “Samira’s Show” which is hosted by Samira Kazemeni was also one of the awardees, and the host of the show. Rocio Escobar the Director of US Latin Business Forum was amazed by the wonderful Talent and singers of the events.

The Chairman of the US Global Business Forum Kevin Kaul was very pleased by the turnout and support and International Press and Business sponsors and attendees, the event was an entire day event.

Some of the Awardees were:

1. The Award for Outstanding Achievement In Reality Television Samira Kazemeni

2. Creative Photographer of the Year Gene Avakyan

3. Award for Outstanding Contributions In Global Relations and Peace Lisa Christiansen

4. Award Winning Director and Producer Of The Year Michael Makabeh

5. Achievement for Good Will Ambassador of Beverly Hills Jimmy Delshad Mayor

6. Joyce Chow Asian Online Newswoman of The Year

Pictures are taken by Gene Avakyan

Over the course of her career in life coaching, motivational speaking, and strategic consulting, Dr. Lisa Christiansen has inspired thousands of men and women to seize their destinies and master their emotions. One of the most sought-after figures in the self-help industry for the past 20 years, she has dedicated her life to assisting those who need it most. The driving force behind the Lisa Christiansen Foundation, the Take Action Foundation, and the Infinity Plus Foundation, Dr. Lisa Christiansen upholds a steadfast commitment to children in the United States and abroad, feeding hungry families during the holiday months, providing free education to underserved communities, and giving bicycles to children in need. Having experienced poverty at a young age, Dr. Lisa Christiansen brings a highly personal sense of involvement to her charitable work, instilling hope in the hearts and minds of children around the globe. Founded in 2006, the Lisa Christiansen Foundation was established to provide families with baskets of food on Thanksgiving and Christmas. The organization has served thousands of people over the years. Among her many endeavors with the Lisa Christiansen Foundation, Dr. Christiansen delivered 1,800 baskets of food in November 2007 to residents of Lawton, Oklahoma, and elsewhere. Two years later, she donated $100,000 worth of bicycles to children throughout the United States, for which she received extensive regional media coverage. In addition, Dr. Lisa Christiansen runs the Take Action Foundation, where she promotes holistic alternatives to traditional cancer treatment. Visit her website for more information on her philanthropic work.

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