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Absolute Forgiveness = Full Acceptance

Absolution is the most powerful form of forgiveness, a full pardon from resurrection of past crimes and accountability for lethal actions. It is the liberation from a stolen future, a future my mother never lived to see, a future my grandmothers sister never lived to see, this perfect absolution is a mercy the people who killed them will only know through the full acceptance of Christ.

As for me I have already forgiven and give gratitude for the lessons I continue to learn through these life experiences that still follow. I make this public forgiveness because I will not live in a house of secrets anymore. I always advocate forgiveness and gratitude because forgiveness will set you free to live in gratitude and until you do this you will live in bondage. When you decide to live in forgiveness that is when gratitude thrives and only then will success show up beyond your expectations. How can you expect to be forgiven if you yourself can not forgive?

Birth: Oct. 23, 1946 Death: Jan. 26, 1975

Mary Ann Eslinger born “Sosti” Groundhog on Wednesday October 23, 1946 to George Washington Groundhog and Sallie Ann (Dick) Groundhog of Tahlequah, Indian Territory U.S.A. she passed on Sunday January 26, 1975 and was laid to rest on Thursday January 30, 1975 at Cedar Tree Baptist Church.

Mary authored two books GI-Dee-Thlo-Ah-Ee Of The Blue People Clan for her daughters 1974 Christmas present, there are only ten copies of this book made. One belongs to Lisa Christine; two are registered at the Copy-Right Office; National Archives in Washington, D.C.; and one at the Oklahoma Historical Society; and one to the Cherokee Tribal Attorney, Earl Boyd Pierce. Mary also authored Cherokee People exposing the U.S. Government for their illicit exploitation and human trafficking of Native American girls.

Mary Ann Eslinger is survived by daughter GI-Dee-Thlo-Ah-Ee Groundhog aka Lisa Christine Christiansen.

(Obituary provided by Cedar Tree Baptist Church, FAG member #48102059)

Note: Recorded in “Our People and Where They Rest” Vol 10

Burial: Cedar Tree Cemetery Briggs Cherokee County Oklahoma, USA

Created by: Donna G Record added: Jul 20, 2009 Find A Grave Memorial# 39694654


Ted Kennedy

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