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Attitude of Gratitude…

I just can’t help myself Jessica… Patches, thank you for continued prayers. Tonight as I post my goodnight prayer I find myself with so much to be grateful for like the love everlasting of Christ, The strength of the Holy Ghost that shines the light of God’s grace through Jessica, the light that shines my path through your humility as the vessel of God’s almighty omnipotence. The true beauty of family, you were chosen by God to shelter me in his embrace of this I know not why I only know for this I am humbled, grateful and forever serving to be the vessel of his intent thankful of the sacrifice of Christ to bathe us clean of our sins as he has infused his blood to run through our veins to bring us to the innocence of a child so that we may lead by example to break the chains that bind us to breakthrough to the freedom unleashing the pure love to live in authentic forgiveness and therefore gratitude of the power to rebuke and command. In the name of Christ with my deepest respect and humble adoration. Amen.

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