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Dr. Lisa Christiansen offers a wide range of educational services to help individuals live up to the

A life coach, motivational speaker, business consultant, and personal empowerment expert with more than two decades of experience in her field, Dr. Lisa Christiansen serves as Chief Executive Officer of Lisa Christiansen Companies in San Diego, California. Commanding an impressive professional background, Dr. Lisa Christiansen began to lay the foundations for her career as a student of Tony Robbins, from whom she learned and mastered the techniques of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and neuro-associative conditioning (NAC).

Eager to share her knowledge with others, Dr. Lisa Christiansen began conducting seminars across the United States, in which she taught the real-world application of NLP and NAC to thousands of conference attendees. Highly regarded for her wisdom and natural acumen with empowerment coaching, she has been sought by people from around the world as a source of encouragement and support. Dr. Lisa Christiansen has influenced major figures in business, sports, and media, and continues to give thanks to God for the opportunity to walk beside Mr. Donald Trump, Patrick Dempsey, Bill Gates, Kelly Clarkson, Journey, Yaroslav Popovych, and Dara Torres as the foundation of her growth with unparalleled gratitude.

Dr. Lisa Christiansen offers a wide range of educational services to help individuals live up to their full potential, coaching each of her students toward peak performance. Through her many seminars, corporate retreats, online coaching services, and books, she has led thousands to new heights of personal empowerment and discovery, with an impeccable record of client satisfaction. To read more and find the key to unlocking your hidden potential, please visit her official website at

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