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Employ Fear By Choosing To Not Become Fears Slave


Everyone has a punchline and a core belief and it varies for each of us, the common thread is without ingrained training to become adaptable to our circumstances what happens next is self-destruction because some people don’t know what to do when their belief system collapses and most will fall after someone finds your collapse and then taps into your belief system meeting your core needs. Once you control your mind you are authentically in control of your future and all it holds, the challenge is most people allow their own demons to prevent them from being in control of their own minds. Remember, fear serves us well only if it is our counselor and can serve as our strongest allies as long as we only use it to consult with for better strategies. You must be in control of your mind, you must be the employer of your fear by paying it only attention and not becoming it’s slave. Always question where your loyalties lay, the people you trust will expect it. Your greatest enemies will desire it and those you treasure the most will without fail abuse it. Loyalty inspires boundless hope, and while that may be there is a catch, true loyalty takes years to build and only seconds to destroy. Trust God first, last and always because it is God that will guide you. Trust your instincts because they are Gods voice, and remember to ONLY consult with your fear for reasonable advice to build better strategies. ~Dr. Lisa Christiansen


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