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Johnny Depp and Lisa Christiansen Join Forces To Give To Others


While recognizing much more is needed aside from building homes to fix reservation’s problems, Johnny Depp is giving from his own pocket as I too am giving from my own wallet helping to provide much needed homes, personal needs and “get started” money to our mission of forgiveness let’s “make it right.” Thank you to everyone making this possible and thank you Johnny Depp…


Johnny Depp, who plays Tonto in the Disney film The Lone Ranger, attended a special premiere of the film on Friday at Carmike Cinemas in Lawton, Oklahoma, capital of the Comanche Nation.

Also present were Native actors Saginaw Grant and Gil Birmingham, both of whom have supporting roles in the movie, as well as the director Gore Verbinski and producer Jerry Bruckheimer.

In addition to LaDonna Harris, Comanche, the president of Americans for Indian Opportunity who symbolicaly adopted Depp into her Nation, a host of prominent Native leaders walked the carpet. These included Comanche Nation Chairman Wallace Coffey, Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly, and Jefferson Keel, President of the National Congress of American Indians.

“I’m proud to show [this film] to the Comanche Nation and members of the Indian Nations first,” Depp said, according to FemaleFirst. He then recalled his surprise appearance at the Comanche Nation Fair in the fall. “It really does feel like home after being here last year. It’s good to be back. The Comanche people really welcomed me into their nation.”

While news coverage of the event was generally very sunny, the Native Times expressed disappointment at the end of its story: “Despite assurances that Native media would get interview priority, the Native Times and Comanche Nation News, the only two Native media outlets present, were given minimal time in comparison to the mainstream outlets. Only one question each was allowed with Depp.”


Looking forward to seeing you at the Oscars Johnny, Nadine, and Ed Asner…

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