“Love” is the ultimate unenforceable contract

Lisa Christiansen

“Love” is the ultimate unenforceable contract. It is always being re-negotiated by time. Whether it’s the love of a husband for his wife or a parent for a child or even a lover for their sweetheart the day invariably arises when the contract, the agreements and understanding that define a relationship, change. The function of time, familiarity or sometimes just Mother Nature. This is when your character is defined because it is easy to fall in love, to fall in love with the idea of being in love. In reality Love is staying when everything that is you wants to leave, love takes work, Chris taught me that love is about caring for each other, nurturing each other and “staying” when times are tough because anyone can stay when it’s easy, when it’s exciting. Love is the act of placing your partners needs above your own, it’s saying “I love you” during a disagreement and not going to bed angry.

Love is understanding that you won’t always understand. Love is a gift and even when life re-negotiates your contract you are committed to your own resolution to love passionately full of life for a life of love.

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