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Social Media Followers = Social Media Dollars

Share your Facebook Business page with all Friends and Family. Facebook have options to invite all of your Friends and Family to your Facebook Business page.

You can find some really cheap Facebook Ad campaigns.

Lisa Christiansen

You want to Post Facebook Status updates at different times of the day. People have different work schedules. Also there are many different time zones in the world as well as in the United States, so you want to reach everyone. I use a Social Media Auto Posters , so I can schedule my Facebook Status updates for when I will be away from the computer.

This saves me a Ton of Time. I can put my Facebook on AutoPilot and focus on other areas of getting Traffic.


Poster to post my pictures as well.

Lisa Christiansen

Offer Great content. Educate your viewers. Dont only Post Pitches.

Lisa Christiansen

People love to be entertained. They will keep coming back as well as Share your content with others. You can do this by Posting Funny Pictures, Videos, Daily Gossip, Sports Information, etc. Be Creative!!!

Its important to create as much feedback as possible. Respond to all messages or Pictures you are tagged in. Ask Questions? ~ Somebody will respond to you.

Like Others Facebook Pages. Comment on Pictures and Post.

Post current events.

For more information on how to put your Social Medias on AutoPilot.

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