The Willing Mind Of A Child Who Leads

To my beautiful family, I come to you today in prayer through the love of Christ, the power of the Holy Ghost, and the authority of God our father that blessing be placed before you and should they be disguised as challenges you are prepared to see the opportunity and embrace it with passion. I pray for the genuine forgiveness that heals any hurts or wrongs. It strengthens the disheartened soul that has lost its way. It refreshes and renews our hope. It is through forgiveness that we are “born again” and “become like a child.” In this way we regain the precious attitude of a willing mind that is ready to learn all over again as for me I am just a girl, a child of God who realizes that I fall short of Gods grace everyday and I recognize that God gives it to me out of his amazing grace. I am blessed each day that I awake and choose to share it with all of God’s children. Thank you father for blessing me with what I don’t deserve and protecting me from what I do deserve. I am enough for God and that’s enough for me, I have placed my eyes upon him and found the truth in I pray that you also allow God to soften your soul to forgive completely, give gratitude infinitely and find your eyes upon him because only then will you see… I pray that you see the gifts placed before you, I thank you authentically for coming into my life for a moment in time, for a lifetime, and for eternity. I freely pray for you love, health and wealth in abundance through Gods grace… Amen ~Lisa Christiansen


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