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What Is Nobility?

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There are no random acts, we are all connected. Fairness does not govern life or death, if it did no good man would die young… Good comes from it, two strangers meet, one dies as a result of the other and the other lives for Gods design. Strangers are just family you have yet to come to know… No life is a waste and your journey does not end here even if you are the one God called home to heaven. Time isn’t what you think it is, neither is dying. Sacrifice is never to be ashamed of, sacrifice is something to be proud of, we should always search for new ways to sacrifice because that is where authentic jiving is. When people stop sacrificing for one another they lose what makes them human. Sacrifice is one of the most noble things we do. sometimes when you think you’re losing something you are really just passing it on to someone else. Some say that life is divided into two kinds of people, somebody’s and nobody’s; I am here to tell you God does not make nobody’s, everybody is a somebody and a very important one at that. Remember, we are born of love from the womb of God’s mercy and grace, free from anger, fear and hate, when we die we are freed from that anger, reborn into trust, free from hate and without the knowledge of fear. You can choose to live in poison infecting others or choose to be free, grateful and open your heart to accept Christ Jesus to flood his blood of redemption, absolution and forgiveness to be available to accept the abundance in immeasurable proportion that is waiting for you. Life has to end, love doesn’t. No matter what always know that you are surrounded by love, Whoever, whatever and wherever you are remember you are never alone, words are powerful as God speaks through everyone. Your influence on the lives of others you may never see, you may think you are barely a drop in the bucket yet that drop creates waves of influence that change the world to make it a better place for generations to come…

Maybe you know someone who is going through a pain so great they fear no one else will ever love them with such great depth or that they will never love another and you watch this person wake up everyday in such great pain from falling asleep with tears falling into their ears. They wake up not knowing how their day is going to be because their future is in the hands of their abuser, just remember, all that you need is within you and the love that you seek you already have within yourself. Recognize that you teach others how to treat you and you have chosen to show up for this behavior. The good news is everyday you are given a new opportunity to make a new decision… Know that you are loved, wanted, and accepted just as you are and I appreciate you as I recognize the value of you… choose and be happy… life is preparing you for something greater… ~Lisa Christiansen


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